Introduction to Machine Learning
(Fall 2022)

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Announcements for Week 12 (week of November 27, 2022)

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving break! This week, we return to the usual weekly schedule in 6.390.

  • Office hours resume on Sunday, Nov. 27 at 5pm (virtual).

  • Lab 11 checkoffs can be finished by Monday, Nov. 28 at 11pm for full checkoff points.

  • Homework 11 is due by Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 11pm.

  • Exercises 12 are due by 9am Monday, Nov. 28 before recitations.

  • Recitation 12 and Lab 12 will be held on Monday, Nov. 28 and Wednesday, Nov. 30, respectively.

  • Final exam logistics, review materials, and accommodation deadlines have been released. The exam will be held in person at 9am on Tuesday, Dec. 20.

An Archive of Previous Announcements is also available.