Introduction to Machine Learning
(Fall 2023)

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Announcements to Wrap Up the Semester

  • Best wishes for the break to everyone in 6.390! Some final announcements:

  • Statistics for the final exam were median of 67.7, mean of 66.3, and std dev of 15.7. To account for the increased difficulty of the exam, we have applied a +10 point offset to all final exams (with a cap at 100). The offset will not show up on Gradescope, but will appear on your Progress page.

  • You can review your exam on Gradescope. We do not have regrade requests/window for the final exam. If you have strong evidence that a grading error has been made, and that the error will affect your overall grade in the subject, please email details at for consideration.

  • We will submit final grades to the Registrar on Thurs, 21 Dec.

  • The entire teaching staff would like to thank you all for a great and engaging semester!