Office Hours

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Office hours are an opportunity to get help with concepts or with particular assignments. Physical office hours will be in 32-044a (Stata basement). Weekly office hours will be offered at the following times (subject to change).

You may join the help queue here at any time during the hours listed below. If the office hours are physical: when you are requesting help/checkoff, for the location indicate a way for a staff member to find you in the room. If the office hours are virtual: when you are requesting help/checkoff, enter your own zoom session link as your location. (e.g. demo when requesting from the lab checkoff page; and demo when requesting general help from the help queue).

Physical office hours will not typically claim virtual students.

  • Sunday, 5-7pm, Virtual
  • Sunday, 7-9pm, Virtual
  • Monday, 7-9pm, 32-044
  • Monday, 9-11pm, Virtual
  • Tuesday, 4-6pm, 32-044
  • Tuesday, 7-9pm, 32-044
  • Wednesday, 7-9pm, 32-044
  • Wednesday, 9-11pm, Virtual
  • Thursday, 1-3pm, 32-044