Midterm Information

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Midterm Results
  • The midterm grades have been released on Gradescope. You will need to log in with your MIT email for Gradescope access (this applies to cross-registering students as well). The median score is 80, the mean is 77.7, and the standard deviation is 12.5.

  • You can review the midterm exam and midterm solutions.

  • Regrade requests must be made on Gradescope, and must include a clear statement and justification for reconsideration for specific questions(s) and part(s) that you seek a regrade on. Our grading review in response to a regrade request can result in no change, addition of points, or reduction of points; we may also review grading on the rest of your midterm to correct for other grading mistakes, if any.

  • Requests for midterm regrades will open after Spring Break on Sunday, Apr. 2 at 9am, and close on Wednesday, Apr. 5 at 11pm.

  • We hope that everyone has a good Spring Break!

  • The midterm will be on Thursday, March 23, from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

  • There are multiple rooms -- 50-340 (Walker), 34-101, and 32-123 -- for the midterm. You must sign up for a room in order to take the midterm. You may choose the room that works best for you, space permitting.

  • The midterm covers material from the start of the class through week 6 of the subject (that is, including lecture notes, exercises, recitations, labs, and homeworks issued cumulatively from week 1 through 6).

  • The midterm will be a written, in-person exam; no electronics or computers may be accessed during the exam. You may bring one page of paper (8.5" by 11") with anything written on both sides using any tool or font, but no further references.

  • Past midterms are available for you to use in reviewing or preparing for the midterm.

Conflicts and Accommodations
  • If you have a direct conflict with an MIT class or extracurricular such that you are unable to attend the scheduled time, please e-mail 6.390-personal@mit.edu to discuss the possibility of taking a Friday, March 24, 8am-10am conflict exam.

  • Per Institute policy, you are not allowed to miss regularly scheduled class periods in your other MIT classes for the 6.390 midterm; if you have a conflict, you must work with us to schedule a conflict quiz consistent with (not conflicting with) your regular class periods.

  • If you require accommodations for the midterm (with a note from DAS or S3 as appropriate), please e-mail 6.390-personal@mit.edu as well (even if you have already talked with a staff member).

  • We will coordinate rooms/times for conflict midterm exams and midterm accommodations via e-mail (so you should not sign up for a room from the link above).

  • You need to let us know by Monday, March 13, in order for us to arrange accommodations or a conflict exam.